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Since NIKKYO has been founded, we have been in good relationship with domestic japanese car dealers , lease and other auction companies, and we have a highly skilled professional team that can check both the pictural conditions and physical specifications of each car at the auction house or even before it goes to auction.

NIKKYO has wholly owned yards and workshops. So we can repair sheet metal, paint the car or cut cars at cheapest cost according to your requests.

Yes, we have connections with a lot of shipping companies. We can export our cars to various ports(over 190) which includes the port near you.

We can export our cars at a cheaper FCC than others, because we can get more discounts for exporting thousands of cars every year.

Of course. NIKKYO assigns a sales person in charge for each our customer, so that we can attend with your questions and needs very quickly.

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  • Variety of Choice
    Our customers enjoy access to high quality auction vehicles through our JDA system and our large network of partners (rental companies, lease companies) all across Japan.
  • Competitive Shipping Rates
    Because of our large network with shipping companies, we can deliver your car anywhere in the world at very competitive prices.
  • Professional Buyers
    All Buyers at Nikkyo have a long track record within the automotive industry and will be able to assist you in choosing the right car for you.
  • Safety & Security
    We are committed to ensuring that your car is delivered safely to your desired destination port.


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