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Full parts support is available for any vehicle purchased from Nikkyo.
Our parts department handles original manufacturer parts, aftermarket parts and second hand parts. In addition we provide full array of services; basic servicing, mechanical repairs, parts replacement, body work and customization.

Parts Department Contact

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Email: Skype: Alternate Text uchino_nikkyo Tel: +81-297-60-2316   +81-90-5552-4752 Fax: +81-297-60-2315
Skype: Alternate Text uchino_nikkyo
Tel: +81-297-60-2316+81-90-5552-4752
Fax: +81-297-60-2315

Parts Department

Department and Warehouse Space

  1. Fast quotations
  2. Original manufacturer parts, aftermarket parts, second hand parts
  3. Air (EMS/DHL/TNT/FedEx) delivery
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Free Servicing (performed on all cars except cars purchased thru JDA OP1):

  1. Complete exterior/interior wash and vacuum
  2. Engine bay wash
  3. Engine oil/radiator water top-off

Basic Servicing Options:

  1. Fluids change
  2. Filter (oil/air), wiper replacement
  3. Brake pad replacement
  4. Shock absorber replacement
We only use new original manufacturer parts.

Other Servicing Options:

  1. Mechanical repair
  2. Bodywork
  3. Accessory installation & customization


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We also stock a complete line of accessories; stereos, spoilers, wheels, custom Nikkyo body kits (aero kits). An online catalog is available when you become a Nikkyo member.

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