Company Name Nikkyo Co., Ltd.
Head Office NIKKYO Building, 2-65-3 Ikebukuro, Toshima-Ku, Tokyo, Japan
Tel: +81-3-5960-0270
Fax: +81-3-5960-0271
Main Yard 282-80, Shobeishindenmachi, Ryugasaki-Shi, Ibaraki, Japan
Established July 1995
CEO Muneyoshi Sera
Paid in Capital 10,000,000 JPY
Sales Revenue (Fiscal 2022) 19,200,000,000 JPY
Employees (December 2022) 94
Affiliated Banks MUFG Bank, Ltd.,
Mizuho Bank, Ltd.,
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation.
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What We Do

Japan is home to the worlds strongest manufacturers of automobiles.The names Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Mazda all speak for themselves. They are signature brands of top quality and highly reliable vehicles.Nikkyo Co., Ltd.'s primary business is exporting second-hand Japanese vehicles, trucks & forklifts to countries around the world.

Who We Are

Nikkyo has 3 private motor pools that measure to 60,000 sq meters.Our facilities can handle up to 3,000 vehicles at one time.

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Nikkyo consists of highly trained professionals, working together as a team to help export our customer's vehicles. Our team is made up of:

Professional vehicle buyers

Years of vehicle experience help perform accurate inspections and spot problem vehicles. Our buyers cover ALL auctions in Japan and know which cars to buy and which cars not to buy.

Multi-national sales team

Our sales team can speak English, Russian, Spanish, Chinese, Mongolian, Swahili and more. Every customer has a personal sales representative assigned to handle all inquiries.

Nationally licensed auto mechanics & bodywork specialists

Nikkyo can handle oil changes to full engine overhauls. We provide a full line of servicing options, tuning and bodywork.

Parts department

Full service parts department capable of providing quotations and fast air/sea delivery on any part you need.

Veteran logistics & shipping department

For fast delivery and mistake free documentation. We can transport vehicles from Japan to anywhere in the world!

Online car, truck & forklift export services

A personal sales representative is assigned to each of Nikkyo's customers. Although we believe establishing strong “1 on 1” customer relationships is vital, all of Nikkyo's services can be accessed online. All transactions can be handled online from start to finish.

Easy to use online stock lists

Over 500 vehicles in stock (100% owned stock) with complete vehicle descriptions, specs, dozens of high quality photos per vehicle, accurate inspection reports.

Comprehensive Japan Domestic Auction system

Over 100,000 cars per week. Our auction system includes photos/reports and accepts online bidding. The most direct and cost effective way to buy vehicles from Japan.

Full service auto salon

Online catalogue of accessories; rims/alloys, custom body kits, spoilers, stereos available at wholesale prices. Servicing from licensed mechanics is also available; fluid changes, bodywork, repaint, brake/suspension work, aftermarket parts installation and more.

Parts system

Nikkyo provides full parts support for all its vehicles. Simply complete an online part request form and receive a quotation within 1-3 days. Original equipment parts and aftermarket parts are all available.

Account Reports & Order Tracking

Customers can track online the status of their orders; shipping schedules, arrival dates, purchase history, payments history and more. Print almost all documents from our website; cancellation certificates, invoices, bill of lading copies are all available online.

Yard Facilities

Nikkyo's private motor pool, located in Ibaraki, Japan, measures over 60,000 square meters and can handle over 3,000 vehicles at any given time. Our yard is equipped with the following facilities:

  1. Storage capacity up to 3,000 vehicles
  2. Full service mechanical workshop
  3. Full service paint & body shop
  4. Full service parts department
  5. Photo studio
  6. Washing facility
  7. Container terminals
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